Wednesday, July 15, 2009

using aluminum for the constructions

Author : Nitin Soni

Aluminum is used for many different construction projects. Some of the most common are bicycles, planes, cars and boats. It is used for these purposes because it is very lightweight and non-corrosive. All these forms of transport depend on strong but lightweight metal to move efficiently and save fuel.

Bicycles: todays bicycles are made from aluminum instead of steel, since, the former makes for improved management and speed. Aluminum is a robust material, besides being lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver and rake up fast speeds. Being lightweight and long-lasting means that aluminum is ideal for use in racing bikes.

Planes: Aluminum is especially good for planes due to its non-corrosive properties. It is also lightweight but surprisingly strong. Weight is very important in aviation. The lighter the plane the faster and more efficient it is.

Cars made of aluminum run faster and absorb less fuel. The high cost of fuel makes such cars popular. Aluminum cars are also the preferred choice for racers where lighter cars maximise the speed.

Hybrid cars are the latest developments in the automobile scenario. These cars are primarily made from plastic and aluminum. They come with small motors and are made light. Thus they make efficient use of fuel. No wonder they are rapidly gaining popularity as a mode of transport. In fact, there are some work areas that have priority parking for hybrid cars.

Aluminum boats are very popular due to their durability against leaks, rotting and corrosion. More and more boating companies are using aluminum in their constructions. Fishing boats especially prefer the efficiency of power and fuel that aluminum boats provide. The speed and durability are both essential criteria in their business. Aluminum boats are easy to repair than boats made of other metals.

As far as maintenance is concerned aluminum boats are preferred by most professionals. Not only are transporting and towing easier due to the lightness of the metal, it is also easier to keep them neat and clean. Traditional makes require a lot of time, energy and money behind repair and upkeep. And unlike fiberglass they are hardly prone to shattering on impact.

The benefits of aluminum have also been recognized in railways. Trains are now using parts made of aluminum. This increases their speed and power and decreases their upkeep expense.
Aluminum has many uses in constructing transportation vehicles and as you can see has come a long way in helping us develop more efficient and durable methods of transportation. From personal cars to huge jumbo jets aluminum has shaped our lives in ways our ancestors could never have dreamt of.